Scrap wood wall art | How to make art for free | DIY Home decoration -

Scrap wood wall art | How to make art for free | DIY Home decoration - Episode 3

I have another wall art video. Check out that video here: ???????????? LINKS TO ALL THE USED MATERIALS AND TOOLS DOWN HERE ???????????? ___***Scrap wood wall art | How to make art for free | DIY Home decoration - Episode 3***___ In this week's video, I show you how I made this wooden wall art just by using pallet wood and a leftover piece of plywood. I was able to make this artwork for almost free. ===================================================================================== Visit my website for free plans, blogs, and valuable information. ???? LIST OF ALL THE TOOLS/CAMERA GEAR IN MY WORKSHOP - ???? My Etsy shop: ????Visit me on Pinterest: When I started my channel I didn't have any camera experience and learned everything thanks to this course: ???? This course made a huge difference for me and I highly recommend it if you want to get more out of your camera. Do as I did and save a lot of money when starting a workshop. These courses are more than worth their money: ???? ???? ???? Read my story on how I started here: ===================================================================================== ____*MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO*____ ????Music from Soundstripe????. Get a 20% DISCOUNT for SOUDSTRIPE STANDARD and use the best music for your videos. Soundstipe discount link: ____*MY PLAYLISTS*____ ???? DIY home decoration - ????????Be sure to check out all my other videos and playlists!???????? ____*PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT*____ ⛑ Ear protection - ⛑ Dust mask for woodworkers - ⛑ Work gloves - ⛑ Safety glasses - ⛑ Safety Boots - ⛑ Blaklader work pant - ⛑ Blaklader Foam kneepads grey - ____*MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO*____ ⚙ Birch plywood 6mm ⚙ Pallet wood ⚙ Drywall anchor - ____*TOOLS USED IN THIS VIDEO*____ ???? Makita MLT100 table saw - Unboxing video - Review video - ____*MY JIGS I USED IN THIS VIDEO*____ ???? Table saw fence - ____*MY CAMERA / EDITING GEAR*____ ???? Check out all my camera gear here: ____*SHOUT OUT IN THIS VIDEO*____ ???? ManCrafting TM - ____*FOLLOW / SUPPORT ME*____ ???? Help me grow my channel by SUBSCRIBING/????/????/SHARE - ????Website: ???? Etsy: ???? My Amazon shop: ???? SUPPORT ME on Paypal: ???? Instagram: ????Pinterest: ???? Facebook: ???? Twitter: ____*CONTACT*____ ???? E-mail - [email protected]Contacting me about sponsorship or advertising? Feel free to send me an email. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! #Christofix #Woodworking #art Disclaimer: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. By using the affiliate links I earn a small fee of your purchase, it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use them. They help me to create free content for you every week. Thank you for your support!

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