How to Crochet the Continuous Join As You Go (CJAYG) Method | Granny S

How to Crochet the Continuous Join As You Go (CJAYG) Method | Granny Square Joining | How to Join

This method of joining is like magic! It is my go to method for joining squares when using one single colour - the bonus is you will only have 2 ends to sew in! Yep just 2 ends as you are joining the entire blanket with just one strand of yarn for the whole project. Ready to add a border? How about Block Stitch? Link to purchase yarn: - UK based but ships internationally! ???? Yarn used: Scheepjes Softfun Yarn Shades and numbers: White (2412) Light Yellow (2496) Dark Yellow (2610) Light Grey (2530) Dark Grey (2510) TIME STAMPS TO JUMP TO SECTIONS: Pattern starts at 2:31 Final square of 1st row 13:36 Row Two 14:15 Row Two return pass 21:37 Last square of Row Two 22:26 Final Row 26:32 Final Row return pass 28:53 Final edges to finish 32:27 ***** Looking for more inspiration? ???? Popular Videos: How to Crochet 2 Rows at Once: Continuous Join As You Go Method (CJAYG): Lotus Flower Circle Blanket: How to Crochet a Triangle Shawl: Chunky Texture Bubble Puff Blanket: More of a playlist fan? ???? Quick Crochet Projects: ???? Crochet Scrap Blanket ideas: ???? Crochet Tips & Hacks: ???? LEFT HANDED VIDEOS: ???? Amigurumi Projects: Got a question? Just shout! ???? If you like my content and would like to help support my channel, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you!! ❤☕ Comment below or find me on social media: Facebook: Instagram: SUBSCRIBE! ❤ *Disclosure: some of the links posted below are affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. This helps me to keep my content free :-) Thank you! *

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